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Committed Divorce & Family Law Attorneys in Beverly Hills, Southern California

Family, marital, and personal matters are both delicate and complex, and require a committed approach to resolve. At the Trugman Law Group APC, our experienced Beverly Hills family law attorney and staff place our clients’ best interests at the forefront of their legal proceedings to ensure they receive the best advice, representation, and outcome available in Southern California.

Trugman Law Group APC: Southern California Family Law Practice Areas

Our specialized approach to legal resolution begins with understanding each of your personal needs before our Beverly Hills family law lawyer fully outline your family law case and pursue our well-founded expectations. Each family law case our Beverly Hills family law attorney handle is unique, and so is our advancement in the courtroom. Our methodical tactics have allowed us to provide our clients with successful outcomes, no matter their personal circumstances.

Our Southern California family law practice areas include:

Our Beverly Hills family law attorneys primary objective is to develop a superior case for clients, which allows them to move forward with confidence and positivity.

Divorce, Legal Separation, and Annulment Representation in California

At the Trugman Law Group APC, our family law attorney in Beverly Hills, Southern California understands that not all couples agree when seeking an annulment, legal separation, or divorce. Leaving a marriage of six months, six years, or sixty years can be a difficult decision to make, and the factors involved can lead to personal strife. Our experienced Beverly Hills divorce attorney and staff are here to help ease the confusion of the process while providing triumphant closure for our clients.

The California Courts have outlined three legal ways to end a marriage:

Divorce Attorney in Beverly Hills, Southern California

California is a “no fault” divorce state, which means the courts do not require proof that one person in the marriage has caused the marital issues leading to the decision.

When couples are seeking a divorce in California, it is important to understand that both parties do not have to agree on the process. One person may not simply refuse to participate. Should s/he decide not to engage the process, a judge can deliver a default judgment granting the divorce anyway.

The best approach is to hire an experienced divorce attorney in Beverly Hills, Southern California, so your rights are protected even before the moment the papers are filed. If there are children involved, the complexity of the case increases, and so does the legal maneuvering to establish the best outcome. Our Beverly Hills divorce attorney will ensure that each detail of your divorce is covered, no matter how small or large the contention level.

Legal Separation Attorney in Beverly Hills, Southern California

The legal separation process in California is similar to the steps taken to pursue a divorce. The grounds for separation must include irreconcilable differences, or the incurable insanity of a spouse to pursue the application of the law.

No matter the circumstance of the separation, neither spouse may remarry or enter a domestic partnership during their legal separation.

Some couples can try to work through their marital differences with a trial separation.  You should contact the Beverly Hills family law lawyer at Trugman Law Group APC to protect yourself through such a trial separation – coming to an agreement on decisions such as on temporary child custody, temporary support and property matters, and separate living arrangements.

Annulment Attorney in Beverly Hills, Southern California

Erasing the legality of a marriage through an annulment is a formidable way to proceed in California, especially when the approach was initially ill-conceived.

There are specific grounds for an annulment that must apply before the process can begin, including:

  • The marriage occurred through fraud or force
  • One spouse suffering from a mental or physical incapacity at the time the marriage occurred
  • One spouse was legally too young to enter the marriage
  • One spouse was still married to another person when the marriage occurred

The statute of limitations for an annulment in California varies, depending on the reason for its application. If you believe your marriage is applicable, and would like to pursue an annulment, our Beverly Hills divorce lawyer will guide you through the process quickly and efficiently.

Child Custody and Child Support: Putting the Children’s Needs First

When couples who have children decide to enter divorce, legal separation, or annulment proceedings, parentage, custody, and financial issues are undeniably principal factors that require a seasoned Beverly Hills family law attorney to navigate.

These factors can include:

  • Where the children will live
  • Which school they will attend
  • How much time will be shared with the non-primary custodian
  • Shared weekend and vacation time
  • Who will provide insurance coverage or medical care expenses
  • How and when the children attend extra-curricular activities
  • How much child support is awarded, and to which parent

The well-being of the children involved in divorce proceedings is very important to our Beverly Hills family law firm. If you would like to discuss your children’s overall needs with us, our Beverly Hills family law attorney will be happy to explain our strategy for seeking the optimal outcome for your family.

Spousal Support Attorney in Beverly Hills, Southern California

Another factor facing divorcing couples or those requesting legal separation is the matter of spousal support. The only way to seek an order for spousal support in California is in court.

The California Legislature has outlined the factors taken into consideration by the judge overseeing the spousal support claim. (Family Code section 4320)

These factors include the:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Needs of each person, based on the standard of living they had during the marriage
  • Earnings or earning capacity of each person to continue the standard of living established during the marriage
  • Ability to work and properly raise children at the same time
  • Age and health of both spouses
  • Debts and property
  • Help rendered in providing an education, training, professional license or career for the other spouse
  • Existence of domestic violence
  • Career of one spouse was affected by childcare or unemployment
  • Tax impact of the support paid/received

Domestic Violence and Harassment in Southern California

At the Trugman Law Group APC, your safety is a top priority to our legal team. If you need help right away, contact your local police department, talk to someone at The National Domestic Violence Hotline, or contact our Beverly Hills family law attorney to pursue a plan to get you and your children, where applicable, out of harm’s way quickly and effectively.

With an experienced Beverly Hills family law lawyer by your side, and the help of the court, we can move forward with the next steps in establishing protection.

Civil Restraining Orders: Protecting You from Domestic Violence and Civil Harassment

Fearing for your safety causes anxiety, fear, and depression. What’s more is the actual person who is hurting you physically, emotionally, or financially, can be unpredictable and menacing, which causes terror every second of the day.

Restraining orders can be applied to:

  • Current, divorced, or separated spouses
  • Individuals with whom you are dating, or used to date
  • Persons who live together, or used to live together
  • Parents who share children
  • Close relatives, including parents, siblings, in-laws, and children

Our Beverly Hills family law attorneys will help you pursue a restraining order that is legally binding and allows you to call the authorities any time an abusive person violates the terms issued by a judge.

Property: Community and Separate Assets & Debts

In California, property and debt division can be straightforward in cases where ownership is easy to assess. The community property laws establish that the debts and assets acquired during a marriage generally belong to both party equally. Typically, the more financial resources a couple has, and whether they brought them to the marriages separately, increases the difficulty of distribution.

Our Beverly Hills family law firm provides exceptional representation in both simple and complex asset and debt division, delivering the best outcome available for our client.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements Attorney in Beverly Hills, Southern California

A remarkable way to reduce or avoid a lengthy financial argument during any court proceeding is to establish an agreement that is voluntarily signed by both spouses, before or after the marriage occurs.

A prenuptial agreement is designed to outline both spouses existing financial makeup before the marriage occurs. The postnuptial agreement can be outlined after a marriage occurs, with the mission of protecting newly acquired income, assets, accumulation and increase of pre-marital assets possibly through an inheritance, or business that occur during the marriage.

Each version is equally important and requires a significant and detailed approach to ensure your property and rights are protected, should your marriage end.

Legal Mediation Alternatives Attorney in Beverly Hills, Southern California

When you and your loved ones can come to an agreement regarding your marriage and its dissolution, your children, and property, legal mediation is an effective alternative to courtroom proceedings. While everyone is not able to agree on the vital details or their family law cases, our Beverly Hills family law attorney is available to mediate the cases where they can develop common ground. Our Beverly Hills family law firm is happy to communicate with your spouse’s attorney to develop a resolution on your behalf, thereby removing the difficulty of moving forward altogether.

Trugman Law Group APC: Family Law Lawyers Committed to Representing Beverly Hills, Southern California Residents

If you are experiencing personal, marital, or family issues in Los Angeles County, Orange County, or Riverside County contact the Trugman Law Group APC today at 310-273-8834 to understand your rights, and the best way to proceed with only a successful outcome in mind. Our Beverly Hills family law attorneys are available for free consultations throughout Southern California and look forward to establishing a positive resolution for you and your family today.

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No matter the complexity of your family matter, no issue is too big or too small to represent and care for you the way you and your children need.

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