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Newport Beach

Personal circumstances including divorce and child custody can take a toll on everyone involved, which is why our Newport Beach, CA family law attorney identifies unique solutions for each client we represent – providing quality, efficient, and effective outcomes.

With nearly 87,000 residents in Newport Beach, our Newport Beach Family Law lawyer provides exemplary legal representation to our Orange County city, so no one is left with a legal ruling that is less than they deserve. At the Trugman Law Group APC, our boutique family law firm focuses on personal representation, so our Newport Beach family law attorney and staff learn each detail of your case and designs a perfectly curated approach to resolving family matters in your favor.

Major Employers Making an Economic Impact in Newport Beach, CA

The State of California is home to hundreds of international companies whose successes resonate with our local Newport Beach economy.

The major employers in Newport Beach, CA include:

Sights and Sounds of Newport Beach, California

In Newport Beach, we are more than hard workers. Locals and visitors alike enjoy the hiking, biking, beaches, and water sports Newport openly delivers, as well as restaurants, and attractions for all ages.

Newport Beach is known for its great surfing spots, where you can find surfers aligned and awaiting sets of waves between the Newport Pier and the Santa Ana River.

The city beaches range from the Santa Ana river out to the tip of the scenic Balboa Peninsula, including:

Fishermen, tourists, and visitors are drawn to the Balboa Pier and Newport Pier for photo opportunities, dining, and entertainment that allow everyone to feel like a local.

Newport Beach, CA Family Law Practice Areas at Trugman Law Group APC

For our residents, life is more than sun, sand, and fun. Parents throughout Newport Beach, CA have families to raise, as they shoulder the expenses of their children’s needs. Our Newport Beach family law attorney focuses on the welfare of parents and provides solutions that cater to the best interests of their children.

Our Newport Beach, CA family law practice areas include:

Experienced Child Custody Attorney in Newport Beach, California

When parents with children divorce, the focus is suddenly shifted to who will gain custody of the kids. Determining whether it is one parent or a joint resolution, will depend on many factors.

The two initial important determinations will include identifying the difference between legal and physical custody, as outlined by the California Legislature.

  • Physical Custody: Is the determination of the children’s physical presence with a parent
  • Legal Custody: Outlines a parent’s authority to participate in major decisions that affect the children’s health, welfare, and educations

The next step is to create an outline of the divorcing couple’s parentage plans, which will be designed by our family law attorney in Newport Beach, so each detail is fully covered and there is no room for interpretation.

Parentage plans must include the details of:

  • Where the children will live
  • Which school they will attend
  • Shared weekend and vacation time
  • How much time will be shared with the non-primary custodian
  • How and when the children attend extra-curricular activities

Children who are deemed “mature” by California Court standards may issue a statement to the judge regarding their wishes – and where they would like to live. This testimony will carry substantial weight in the overall decision of custodial rights if the child can make an intelligent decision on his or her own.

The factors that determine child custody are unique to each set of parents, and the children involved. Your case is unlike any other, and so are your family dynamics. Allow our Newport Beach family law attorney to provide the best legal strategy available for you and your kids.

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If you are considering a divorce and would like to understand each aspect of proceeding with that decision, contact our Newport Beach, CA family law attorney today at 310-273-8834 to schedule a private and confidential consultation.

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