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Civil Restraining Order

At the Trugman Law Group APC, our Beverly Hills, Southern California civil restraining order attorney understands that our Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside County residents can be threatened and harassed by individuals with whom they do not have a close relationship – and they need the proper protection to maintain their safety.

Our committed Beverly Hills civil restraining order lawyer provides exceptional representation for individuals who are seeking a civil restraining order to ensure the court’s requirements are met without issue, and the protective order is granted without delay.

What is Civil Restraining Order in California?

The California Legislature lists a civil restraining order as a court order that helps protect people from serious harassment, stalking, violence, and threats of violence.

Patterns of conduct that may require a civil harassment restraining order in Southern California include:

  • Following or stalking
  • Harassing phone calls or any harassing correspondence including, but not limited to, email or social media messaging
  • Credible threats of violence or knowingly and willfully making statements that place an individual in fear for their safety
  • Harassment that annoys, alarms, or harasses another without a legitimate purpose

Harassing behavior, threats, and abuse can cause severe emotional and psychological stress, depression, and anxiety – not to mention physical harm. If someone is verbally or physically threatening your safety, contact our Beverly Hills, Southern California civil restraining order attorney at Trugman Law Group APC today to move forward with a protective order, so you can begin to feel confident again.

Who Can File for a Civil Restraining Order in Beverly Hills, Southern California?

Unlike a domestic violence restraining order, which is enforced to protect one person from another during or after a close or intimate relationship – including spouses, partners, dating couples, and couples who live together, civil restraining orders are for individuals who do not have a close relationship.

The most common civil restraining orders in Southern California are applied against:

  • Coworkers
  • Neighbors
  • Roommates – only of a platonic nature, and not someone you dated
  • Friends
  • Non-immediate family members, including cousins, aunts or uncles, nieces or nephews, and other distant relatives
  • Other people you are not closely related to or have a close relationship with

According to the California Courts, an individual can file a civil restraining order against someone if that person:

  • Abused you
  • Threatened to abuse you
  • Sexually assaulted you
  • Stalked you
  • Seriously harassed you

AND you are seriously annoyed, harassed or scared by their behavior.

If you are unsure whether your harasser falls into the civil restraining order categories, contact our Beverly Hills Civil Restraining Order attorney for clarity. We can lead you through the process, so there is no confusion regarding which court order will protect you going forward. If your harasser does not fall under the civil category, our Beverly Hills Restraining Order Lawyer will find and pursue a protective order that meets your needs.

Why Do I Need a Beverly Hills Civil Restraining Order Attorney to File a Civil Harassment Restraining Order in California?

Restraining orders can be difficult to obtain, as the court will use their judgment to decide whether the person filing has a credible complaint. When the Trugman Law Group APC represents civil restraining order clients, we will appear in court with the victim to add weight to his or her claim.

Our Beverly Hills Civil Restraining Order Attorney will also ensure:

  • All paperwork is completed and filed properly to avoid delays in approval
  • Submit supporting documents and images to strengthen our client’s case, including:
    • Photos
    • Police or medical reports
    • Damaged property
    • Threatening communications, including voicemails, letters, emails, or messaging contact
  • The information that appears on the order does not contain any of your personal information, including your address, phone number, or contact information as it will be shared in full with the harasser once approved
  • The restrained individual is served with the order once it is approved by the judge, so protection begins immediately

Civil restraining orders are legally binding and can be enforced immediately. If the restrained individual continues to contact or harass you, call the police right away, and then call the Trugman Law Group APC to take the next steps in imposing the proper legal penalties because of their violation.

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Contact Our Civil Restraining Order Attorney in Beverly Hills, Southern California at Trugman Law Group APC

If you are being threatened, harassed, abused, or sexually assaulted by someone who you are not in a close relationship with, contact our Trugman Law Group APC civil restraining order attorney in Beverly Hills, Southern California today at 310-273-8834 for help. We will guide you through the legal process and expedite the protective order that allows you to feel safe going forward.