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At the Trugman Law Group APC, our Irvine, CA family law attorney offers exceptional care and exacting legal results to our over 266,000 Orange County residents to ensure everyone has access to an experienced, winning attorney.

Our legal focus includes all segments of family law, which allows our community to partner with the best representation available in Irvine and throughout the State of California. No family issue is too small or complex for our office. Our only objective is to provide the legal solutions you need quickly and effectively, so you can move forward with your life in a positive way.

Growing Economy and Major Employers in Irvine, California

Our family law practice in Irvine, California is proud to partner with our residents to ensure that when things at home are tumultuous, they are handled efficiently and confidently with our Irvine Family Law attorney, so family matters do not interrupt your ability to work and grow – no matter who your employer is.

The major employers in Irvine CA include:

Irvine is also home to several higher education institutions, outside of UCI, including:

And satellite campuses of:

Irvine, California Family Law Practice Areas at Trugman Law Group APC

At the Trugman Law Group APC, our Irvine family law attorney is focused on delivering results that lead to the betterment of your personal life going forward. Family and personal matters can interrupt each part of your life when they are not addressed quickly – and we deliver the results you are looking for to start over.

In Irvine, California, our practice areas include:

Is Spousal Support a Legal Requirement in California?

Spousal support is the result of a case that goes before the California Courts that takes numerous factors into account to weigh the necessity of one spouse’s right to financial payments going forward.

Spousal support in California must come from one of the following court filings:

  • Annulment
  • Legal separation
  • Divorce
  • Domestic violence restraining order

The calculation method, frequency, and longevity of payments are determined by factors outlined through the California Legislature.

Those considerations include:

  • Marriage length
  • Health and age of each person
  • Property, assets, and debts
  • Any existence of domestic violence in the home
  • The overall needs of each person based on the standard of living established during the marriage
  • Each spouse’s earnings or the earning ability to maintain existing living standards
  • Help from one spouse in providing an education, training, professional license or career for the other spouse
  • The career of one spouse being affected by unemployment or childcare necessities
  • A spouse’s ability to work and properly raise children at the same time
  • Any tax impacts the support paid/received will cause

If you are considering a divorce in Irvine, CA and would like to know the details of your personal spousal support future, we can help outline your marriage’s financial standing, so you can take the next steps to dissolve your marriage with confidence.

If you are amid a divorce, temporary spousal support may be available while the case is still being litigated. Finally, long-term spousal support in Irvine requires an experienced attorney who will provide the best representation available to pursue the financial monthly payments you deserve, and we can help.

Schedule a Confidential Consultation with Our Irvine, CA Family Law Attorney Today

The Trugman Law Group APC provides exceptional family law representation in Irvine, California, in a private office where you can discuss your plans in a confidential setting that allows our attorney to understand the details of your claim without delay simply by calling 310-273-8834. Our Irvine family law attorney provides an effective, straightforward approach to delivering results for our Irvine, CA clients. We can do the same for you.

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