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Richard Trugman is the best lawyer! Wish I had hired him as my attorny at the beginning of my case. He would have saved me a lot of trouble and money. Family Law is so confusing, with so many unexpected pitfalls, delays and expenses. Richard knows the law and does not waste time running up the bill and churning the case. You wait your turn for his time because he is very busy but, …..when the time comes, for him to represent you, in negotiations with the other side or in Court, he is brilliant. In Court, he says and does the right things, to move the case forward in a positive way. He got fantastic results for me. I always left the Court feeling as if I had someone in my corner, protecting my interests. With the other side, he is strong and respectful but doesn’t put up with any shenanigans that waste time and drive up costs. I have found him to honest in every way and I appreciate all he has done to help me. Again, I wish I had him as my attorney from the very beginning of the divorce.

Malinda S.

As a new mother, I found myself going through a nasty custody battle. It was terrifying. I was referred to Mr. Trugman by a friend. He came highly recommended and had a glowing reputation for being compassionate, confident and smart. I was certainly not disappointed. He is all of those things and so much more. Mr. Trugman guided me through one of the worst times of my life. He helped me in more ways than he will ever know. My case was complex, but we won. I cannot thank him enough for his dedication and perseverance.

Jennifer A

Richard Trugman is a treasure amongst family law attorneys. He was able to formulate a successful closure of a very difficult divorce for me. Prior to his coming to the table, the proceeding went on for nearly 3 years. Once he was on board, the case was closed quickly. I can highly recommend his expertise. Not only that, but he is an extremely kind individual.

John G

Trugman Law Group was effective, aggressive and assertive concerning my case. Richard surpassed my expectations in a timely manner. Thanks for your professionalism and care.

Elvin R

I know many attorneys, but I know very few that can interpret, dissect, and apply the law in the way that Richard can. He is reliable, honest and extremely professional on every level—with a genuine sense of involvement and interest in the outcome of each case. Overall, he is a top-notch family law litigator.

Nicholas H

I hired Richard to help me with my divorce. I had no idea on what to do during this horrible time in my life and he was there for me when I needed him most. Things got very ugly and hostile and I would of been at a lost without his advise and guidance. he was a pit bull when it was needed and got me a very fair settlement. he may be harsh and not play well with others at times, but he is the man you want in your corner when your up against the ropes and don’t know what to do.

Colby T

Richard is not only an incredible attorney, an expert in every facet of family law and beyond but perhaps more important he’s an empathic and fantastic human being first and foremost. Divorce by definition is emotionally stressful for all involved. Richard’s emotional intelligence makes a bad situation for all concerned. Richard handled my divorce with aplomb and expertise demonstrating all the necessary qualities to achieve an equitable and emotional healing outcome which has withstood the test of time throughout years! Because of Richard I have a positive and supportive relationship with my Ex which was so important for the well being of our children.

Doug M.