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Divorce & Annulment

At the Trugman Law Group APC, our annulment and divorce attorney in Southern California is committed to representing our clients’ complete needs – before, during, and after an annulment or divorce.

Whether you are seeking representation in Los Angeles County, Orange County, or Riverside County, our experienced Beverly Hills annulment lawyer and support staff will lead you through this difficult time by supplying more than excellent legal guidance but a compassionate approach to success.

What Is the Difference Between an Annulment and Divorce in Southern California?

Marriage is a decision that two people make in good faith, with plans to spend the rest of their lives together. When their vows become too much to bear, and the marriage is no longer delivering the happiness it once did, divorce is a viable option for severing the legal connection, allowing each person to go their separate ways. In theory, divorce is a simple application. In practice, it can be incredibly difficult.

The California Courts have designated our state as a “no-fault” divorce state. This means you do not need to produce proof that your spouse has caused the marital issues that have led to your decision to divorce.

Although the fault or blame for the marriage’s dissolution is not a necessary factor in the filing, it does not reduce the stress and confusion of proceeding with a divorce.

Our Southern California divorce attorney can help ease the anxiety and uncertainty of divorce by:

  • Taking the lead in communicating with your spouse and their attorney
  • Filing all paperwork in a complete and timely manner to avoid delays in the finalization
  • Outlining the spousal support needs that will follow the finalized divorce
  • Delivering solutions for any children, where applicable, including custody and support demands
  • Dividing the shared and community property, and protecting separate assets
  • Ensuring all completed agreements are signed, filed, and legally binding

Divorce in California is unique in that both parties do not have to agree to its progression. If one spouse does not agree, they cannot refuse to participate and assume the process will stop. Should they, our Beverly Hills divorce lawyer attorney will pursue a default judgment that will grant the divorce our client seeks – with or without the other spouse’s involvement.

Each Southern California divorce is unique, too. Your post-divorce needs are unlike any other person’s and the result of your divorce settlement will be a direct representation of the lifestyle you have become accustomed to during your marriage. If you are considering divorce or would like to start the proceedings, contact our experienced Beverly Hills divorce attorney today to ensure your rights are protected each step of the way.

Annulments in California

An annulment is a complete cancellation of the marriage that occurred, rendering it invalid – so it is as if it never happened. In the State of California, a couple can file for an annulment only if their marriage falls into one or more stringent circumstances.

They include:

  • The marriage occurred through force or fraud
  • One spouse was legally too young to enter the marriage
  • One spouse was still married to another person when the marriage occurred
  • One spouse suffered from a mental or physical incapacity at the time the marriage occurred

At the Trugman Law Group APC, our Southern California annulment attorney will provide an easy to understand outline of your rights during the proceedings. While annulments often occur under difficult circumstances, our Beverly Hills divorce law firm will help ease the stress and tension of the filing, so you can move forward with positivity and confidence.

Divorce Alternative: Legal Separation

Legal separation requires an experienced Beverly Hills divorce attorney who will ensure your rights are protected during the estranged period you and your spouse are apart. This can include accounting for property, assets, funds, and revenues that will be part of a larger picture should you and your spouse proceed with a divorce later – or if you reunite.

While many couples can work through their marital issues by becoming legally separated, there are still matters that must be negotiated when filing for separation, including:

  • Separate living arrangements and expenses
  • Financial support for the spouse
  • Child custody and support, where applicable

When a legal separation leads to divorce, our committed Beverly Hills divorce attorney will be by your side to protect your best interests throughout the process.

Our Southern California family law practice areas include:

Contact Our Annulment and Divorce Attorney at Trugman Law Group APC in Southern California Today

If you are married and are considering an annulment or divorce in Southern California, contact our successful Beverly Hills divorce attorney at the Trugman Law Group APC today by calling 310-273-8834 to schedule an initial consultation. Our Beverly Hills divorce attorney and legal staff will provide the confidence you need to pursue the proceedings you desire while answering any questions you may have along the way.