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Experienced family law attorneys in Brentwood, CA have become even more important to the nearly 51,500 people who call our Contra Costa County home, because over the past decade our population has grown 121%. That means more marriages, more families, and more difficulties that require an accomplished lawyer to provide answers, guidance, and superior representation for our Brentwood families.

At the Trugman Law Group APC, our Brentwood Family Law attorney works closely with our clients to ensure each detail of their family matters is incorporated into our legal pursuit. Whether it is dividing community property during a divorce and evaluating spousal support needs or seeking child custody and support agreements that provide solutions that are in the best interests of the children, our attorney’s experience and success rate is unmatched in the State of California.

Major Employers and Career Opportunities in Brentwood, California

Living and working in Brentwood, California has its perks. The beautiful weather, the gorgeous neighborhoods, and the exceptional school districts allow our residents to be a part of an ever-growing community that flourishes with income opportunities.

The major employers in Brentwood CA include:

Trugman Law Group APC Family Law Practice Areas in Brentwood, California

At the Trugman Law Group APC, we are deeply rooted in our community to ensure every person or family who needs superior family law advice and representation can reach our local resources quickly and effectively. The ability to have questions answered immediately and fears eliminated without worrying what the unknown may bring can make an extreme difference in our clients’ quality of life.

Our Brentwood family law practice areas include:

Understanding Civil Restraining Orders in Brentwood, CA: Success in Returning to Safety

Our Brentwood family law attorneys understand that harassment and abuse can take place anywhere in society, and it does not have to be from someone you love or even live with. Any abusive or harassing behavior is against the law and will not be tolerated by our law firm in any capacity.

We protect our clients from bullies and stressors that scare you or your children by seeking a civil restraining order against the person or people who are causing you or your family harm.

The California Legislature allows court-mandated civil restraining orders that protect people from stalking, violence and threats of violence, and serious harassment in Brentwood, CA.

If you have been a victim of any of the following behavior, contact us today to pursue your legal options for obtaining a civil restraining order in Brentwood, CA:

  • Statements or threats that make you fear for your safety
  • Stalking or following
  • Harassing contact, including phone calls, emails, texts or social media messaging
  • Any harassment that alarmed or annoyed you without a legitimate purpose

If someone is physically or verbally threatening you, your children, a family member, or friend in Brentwood, contact our civil restraining order attorney at the Trugman Law Group APC today to move forward with a court-ordered resolution to ending the fear you are enduring.

Who Files Civil Restraining Orders in Brentwood, CA?

Civil restraining orders differ from domestic violence restraining orders as they are designed to protect you from individuals with whom you have a public connection with – instead of an intimate or close relationship with.

Civil restraining orders in Brentwood, CA can be served to:

  • Coworkers
  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • Non-immediate family members, including aunts or uncles, cousins, nieces or nephews, and other distant relatives
  • Anyone who you do not have a close relationship with, or are related to
  • Roommates – whom you have never dated

The California Courts will order a civil restraining order against anyone who has:

  • Abused you
  • Seriously harassed you
  • Sexually assaulted you
  • Stalked you
  • Threatened to abuse you

If that behavior falls into the category of annoyance, scare, or harassment, you have a claim.

You do not have to face bullying, harassment, or abusive behavior any longer than you already have. Our civil restraining order attorney in Brentwood will meet with you during a private and confidential session to understand the details of your claim before initiating the paperwork to level a legal order against your harasser. Our Brentwood Family Law lawyer will represent you in front a judge, adding weight to your claim and an insistence on the protective order’s completion. Your safety is important to our firm. Allow us to help you maintain it going forward.

Contact Our Brentwood, CA Family Law Attorney Today to Schedule a Consultation

Contact the Trugman Law Group APC today to receive personalized family law advice and representation in Brentwood, CA by calling 310-273-8834 to schedule an initial consultation in a concealed environment, where your safety and privacy are fully maintained.

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