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Malinda S

Richard Trugman is the best lawyer! Wish I had hired him as my attorny at the beginning of my case. He would have saved me a lot of trouble and money. Family Law is so confusing, with so many unexpected pitfalls, delays and expenses. Richard knows the law and does not waste time running up the bill and churning the case. You wait your turn for his time because he is very busy but, …..when the time comes, for him to represent you, in negotiations with the other side or in Court, he is brilliant. In Court, he says and does the right things, to move the case forward in a positive way. He got fantastic results for me. I always left the Court feeling as if I had someone in my corner, protecting my interests. With the other side, he is strong and respectful but doesn’t put up with any shenanigans that waste time and drive up costs. I have found him to honest in every way and I appreciate all he has done to help me. Again, I wish I had him as my attorney from the very beginning of the divorce.

Malinda S.